5 Ways To Improve Social Media Music Sharing

How frequently do you witness a friend who has shared music videos on social media? Have you ever wondered how you can get other people to share your music video? This article will cover various aspects of promotion of music on social media channels like YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, twitter and soundcloud, etc.

1. Have a strategy

Brands and musicians face a very difficult problem on social media, since listening to any new music means that the listener should be in a certain specific mood and be in a place where there is not much distraction to listening. The conditions are not always ideal when you are consuming social media. This problem is exacerbated by the fact that in most platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, sound is muted automatically, so you not only do you want people to stop and listen to the music, you also want them to unmute. This, and more problems show how impactful and precise your strategy should be.

2. Decide on the content that you will be creating

The strategy you adopt for your social media should be implemented in chunks of 10, which means that 10 items of content should be planned beforehand. This will ensure that there is plan that you are going to stick to and do not fall for the temptation to abandon or change your strategy before you have created enough content that will give you enough content for having large enough sample sizes which will help you in analyzing your results.

3. Choose the right social media platform for promoting your music

It is extremely important that you have picked the correct platform for yourself, and in most of the cases, it is wiser to pick out the platform where you would like to focus on once your content strategy has been frozen. All platforms come with their own unique advantages and disadvantages, and it solely up to you to make use of each of them to tell the story you want to the audience. Study all the social media platforms carefully to uncover the features and create a table comparing the relevant features. This will help you to ensure that you are making an objective choice when you pick your favorite social media platforms where you will be concentrating. Stay away from the urge of using all the social media channels as you will run to thin and will not be able to make an impact on any of them as a result.

4. Establish what mediums you will use to spread your content

Remember that all the content you put out should add value to your current and potential fans. Glamorous videos that depict how awesome your brand is, or filming behind the scenes of your music video actually takes from your target audience instead of giving them something, as they are merely advertisements of your video. Such kinds of videos will only work for your loyal audience. You need to focus on how to get new fans to follow your brand. Hence, you need to make sure that the content you create is informational and adds value to your target audience They should feel compelled to share your content in their social circles so you get a further reach and hence new customers.

5. Distribute the content you have created to a targeted audience

Now that you have decided on a strategy for your content and also created the content, you now need to know how you will be able to get it in the hands of your audience you want to reach. There are various options to publicize your content and it will be your job to make decisions about the routes that you are going to use during the planning stages of the content. Distribution should not be left for later, it should be considered beforehand. You should be very clear on the frequency of your distribution so that your audience knows when to expect new stiff from you. Also, make sure you know what channels you will be sending the material out on instead of trying to match the appropriate channels after the content has been created. All of this needs to be be part of your strategy.

Social Media Info Privacy Secrets Revealed

Some people may be of the belief that online privacy when they make use of social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Vimeo, SoundCloud, Snapchat, Twitter and tumblr is a private matter. So, if you do not want to have your information out on the public, just do not provide it to social media.  Sounds simple, right? Well, you wish it was that simple and you were in a position to control what information you want to keep private on social media and what not. You can get unlimmited free Vimeo likes and so more to grow your business.Read on to find out the truth about privacy on social media.

How much is really private?

However, keeping your information from getting into public domain is not just about the choices you make. It is also a function of the choices your friends make as well. Results obtained from a study of an old (not functioning any more) social media website depict that people living in the digital age may want to stop and give a thought to just how much control they really have on their personal information and what they consider as the boundaries of their privacy. As you will note in the remaining of the article, you do not really have a lot of control on what parts of information about yourself you would like to keep secret as they may be accidentally given out by your friends and family, even if you did not do it directly.

Your social media knows more about you than you think

When someone decides to join a social network, the very first thing they need to do is find their friends. To help in this process, a lot of apps offer the option of importing contacts from your email, Facebook or phone, to offer you matches with the people who are already on the network.

It seems innocuous to share your contact lists. There seems nothing wrong in offering your contact lists. You are their friend, after all, and you have given them your phone number and email address. More often than not, you probably just want to stay connected to the person, possibly even on a social media website.

But the social media network now has access to that information, whether the owner wanted it to be shared or not. So, the social media network gets hold of your phone number, name and email address among other things without you having explicitly provided it to the social medi network.

Shadow profiles

But the social network then has that information — whether or not the owner of it wanted it shared. The ability of the Social media platforms to collect this extra bit of information into what are known as shadow profiles was first found with a bug on Facebook in 2013. The bug shared phone numbers and email addresses of around 6 million people with all the friends even though this information was not made public. Imagine the scope of small bugs on social media platforms on the number of people who may get impacted by it.

The bug was immediately fixed by Facebook. But soon afterwards a few users noticed that their profiles had their phone numbers still filled in even though they had never given out their phone numbers to Facebook. What had really happened was that Facebook had held on to the phone numbers from the contact lists that were innocently handed over by their friends and had filled in the information that was missing. A shadow profile became a reality now. If people now did not notice this in your profile, their phone numbers were out there for ll your connections based on the privacy settings of your profile.

Are Shadow Profiles intended?

Not at all does it mean that social media sites are intently indulging in creation of these social media profiles of people who want to have nothing to do with social networks in the first place. However, they certainly are in a position to do so with the information people provide to social media networks and the computing abilities that these platforms have. This is not to scare you into thinking that the social media networks are intentionally creating such shadow profiles. You just need to be aware that they do exist and there is not a whole lot that you can do about it.

Make Someone Fall in Love with you Through Twitter Retweets

Undeniably, Twitter now plays an important role over our lives. In fact, there are relationships that flourished because of the successful Twitter retweets that transpired at the course of getting to know each other, courtship, dating, until marriage. This is what we will tackle in this article. If you are someone looking for a meaningful relationship, read on and assess if indeed, Twitter can help you achieve it.

We people has a nature of wanting to be noticed. Social media like Twitter revealed this human nature. How? The more tweets you send, the more you want to be noticed. Makes sense? I won’t believe you if you tell me that the reason why you are tweeting is just for past time, or no reason at all. That’s a lie! There is a reason for sure. And one thing is for sure, you want to be noticed or you are eyeing someone from your followers to notice you. Don’t be afraid or don’t be shy in admitting this. It’s not only you who want this. At some point, we all had this season in Twitter. The question now is how we make it effective. How do ensure that all our efforts to get noticed or to pursue someone will not go to nowhere. Here are some tips.

Have some Sweetness when you Tweet

How do you do this? Very easy! Pick random sweet quotes and tweet it. Make it part of your daily tweets. Just be choosy on what kind sweet tweets you will post. Think before you click. Make sure the message is intact, the message is direct, and the message will reach its destination (the heart of the person you are eyeing). Remember that not all sweet quotes are sweet. It is relative to who will read it. So be choosy.

Ask someone or Group of Followers to Retweet it

If you’re really serious in pursuing someone or getting noticed, why not connive with your followers? This is where the power of Twitter retweet be felt. Pick common followers (your followers that also the person you are pursuing is also following). Then have that person retweet your sweet tweets. If this will be done consistently, it will get noticed. Make sure you will quoted when they retweet. I tell you, time will come that curiosity will rise until you will be noticed by that person.

Of Course, Retweet and Quote that Person’s Tweet

As we are highlighting the power of Twitter retweet in this article, do not forget to do your assignment of retweeting too. Pick a tweet that you know is matched to what you want to convey to that person. This may require patience since you need to spend time finding it or watching all the tweets sent by that person. Worry not because your efforts will not go to nowhere in due time. You will surely be noticed especially if retweeting becomes your habit.

To conclude, never underestimate the power of Twitter retweet if you want someone to fall in love with you. Use Twitter wisely. Use Twitter for your advantage. As long as you do not violate any Twitter rules, then you’re on the right track.

How to Deal with Negativity in Twitter Retweet

Negativity on social media isn’t something surprising at all and neither has it speared even twitter retweets. As the old saying, don’t talk if you have nothing of substance to say. It’s so sad to note that the social media ecosystem has forgotten about this golden rule. With this, it means that your twitter retweets are always vulnerable to negative comments. A Twitter retweet is an amazing way to promote your business brand. You will hear every piece of your brads dialogs, but it doesn’t mean it’s always something nice. Receiving a negative comment can be discouraging at times. But what do you do to handle such situations? Well, here are tips to help you conquer all the negativity in your twitter retweets

1.    Never stoop the level of your haters

Every hatter that gives you a negative thought on your retweet wants to get under your skin. In most business promoting their piece on Twitter, bullying has become the worst threat against their brad. When using Twitter, just like in your business, it’s important to know that you are the voice of your brad there. Therefore, give customers service skills a priority. Try as much as possible to avoid sinking to the level of Twitter trolls, haters or whatever you want to call them.

2.    Always plan yourself for twitter retweet abuse

While some of the retweets you will get as an individual or even a company can be sometimes frustrating, It is important, therefore, if you will have some short plan of action to handle any threat or negativity. This way, you will be able to handle the negativity cautiously and more effectively. You will be able to avoid giving a negative response to your negative retweets if you will have a well-planned response for your retweets.

3.    Dot be an easy target to any twitter troll

When dealing with twitter retweets abuse, avoiding being an easy target can be somehow challenging. However, it is important to try as much as possible to avoid giving your audience any reason to give you negative retweets.

4.    Don’t be afraid of whatever you receive on twitter retweets

It is not easy to engage in Twitter without some controversies and it’s such a very sensitive matter to deal with, in any social media platforms. As much as it will be important to limit your social media errors especially when dealing with customers, you should not be afraid when handling them on twitter. To be popular or even to have a successful brand promotion campaign on Twitter, you should engage, listen and organize your audience. You should not give any room for a few trolls to keep you off your target on Twitter.

To sum up, any twitter retweet is important, whether negative or positive. Each of these tips will help you avoid fueling or flaming your hatters on not only twitter but also other social media platforms. Always be cautious of every response you give for your twitter retweets.

Tips to Help you Start and Run your Reseller Hosting Side Hustle Business


Reseller hosting is among the most straightforward businesses that anyone with small capital can venture in and make a substantial profit while avoiding all the risks that new or existing businesses face today.

We’ll walk you through the various steps you need to go through to start and run your business, but first, you need to understand what reseller hosting really entails.

Understanding reseller hosting

Reseller panel is a form of web hosting in which the person who owns the account hosts other third parties website in his allotted bandwidth and hard drive space. The person owning the account here becomes the reseller who is hosting other sites using disk space that he bought from the parent web hosting firm and operates independently apart from when technical, upgrade and maintenance services are required.

Reseller hosting can be likened to a person renting a big apartment with many rooms where you rent them out to tenants who will pay you rent and later on you’ll pay the owner of the apartment the agreed amount.

The various features that you can offer as a reseller include; disk space, databases, FTP accounts, email account/lists and bandwidth additionally, your clients can also benefit from services provided by the parent firm such as monitoring tools and additional scripts.

One advantage with the business is that you don’t have to operate under the umbrella of the parent web hosting business. As a reseller, you can brand your web hosting firm, and your clients will never get to know that you are a reseller. All this can be done using a tool called panel for reseller which will enable you to configure different plans according to your needs as well as manage your client’s plans and billing system.


How do you get started?

Now that you have a clue on what reseller hosting is, we can discuss how to get your business up and going.

The next vital step is finding a credible parent web hosting company that sells disk space and bandwidth. This shouldn’t worry you as there are a bunch of them that you can easily find by just conducting a simple online such.

After purchasing the reseller plan the web hosting firm will send you through an email all the necessary details that you require including the link redirecting to your web host manager or reseller control panel, your username and password.

Now you are all set, and you can log into your WHM account and subdivide your disc space into packages for reselling to your clients. With the web host manager tool (WHM) you can create and manage your clients’ website accounts and provide customer support as well.

That’s almost about all the basics that you need to know to start and run your reseller hosting business. The prospects are mouthwatering in this business since you can start with a small capital and no special training is required to operate and succeed.

How to make money hosting a Reseller Panel

The rise websites has made it possible for those wanting to enter into the Reseller Panel business to do so.   On every given day, there are people looking for an individual or company to help the set up their business.  This is a business opportunity that should never be allowed to die that way.  You do not have to be rich or have a lot of money to be able to enjoy the great benefits that setting a business platform like this will give you.  The most important thing is in knowing where to start and how to do so.  You can never go wrong.

As a priority you need to firstly and among other things understand how the business works.  By knowing what is expected of you and available options in the market.  There are a number of options that you need to study and understand before starting to operate.  It will save you from future litigations from customers who for one reason or another are not satisfied or feel shortchanged.  There is nothing as relieving as being able to fully understand the concept of any business, and what to expect in case things do not go your way as expected.

The Reseller Panel business as discussed earlier can start small and increase with time as customers increase and there is more need to do so.  It is a very lucrative business venture as once set up; you are sure of being able to fully take charge and earn an income.  The digital era is here to stay and will not go out of business soon.  In fact the only thing that is happening is that it is getting better. Why then not invest when you are sure of having your returns back.  It is one business where you will realise that there I absolutely no professionalism required.

Many people have been shying off from starting a business for the reason that they are not trained in the area.  Most hosting companies will train you on what to do upon registration and purchase.  The donkey work namely server control and management of any is normally done by the hosting company.  Jobs like setting up, maintenance, software updates and security is all taken care of by the host company therefore making it easier for you to manage your customers.  You might wonder how one is able to make money out of such a venture. 

Lastly, never underrate the financial benefits that come with Reseller Panel business.  You might start small and remember overtime these customers will be able to open ways for a larger custom base.  And such customers if they are satisfied will be able to stay and bring others with them and this in essence is how money flows and you begin reaping the financial gain.  You also need to note that when applying for the services, choose a service that is easier to use and can be easily upgraded. Start small allows you understand your business and grow with it.  The fact that all the maintenance work is done in one place, makes in even an easier venture.

Who Gets the Most Number of Twitter Likes?

Many of us are insightful of the fact that social media at present has become a very vital part of every individual and brand’s life. Needless to say, it plays a very valuable role in a business’ marketing plan. In addition, rather than conducting research using Google, many refer to social media platforms to find the answers they’re looking for. Socializing and doing business is now done in Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

Be that as it may, it is not always uncomplicated to establish a huge following on social media sites. This is perhaps one of the reasons why as a social media user, it is imperative to conduct a research too in order to boost your social media profile and not be left behind with the opportunities and possibilities it may bring to your table.

For sure, nearly all of us would like to know about the most outstanding approach in terms of acquiring more Twitter likes, favorites and followers.

Let us check out the following guides:

Go and follow other users. Learn to be proactive. Once you decided to join in any social media platform, do not simply sit down and wait to be followed. You have to do your own work too in order to get noticed. This applies to everyone who needs to build a solid online reputation and be visible. If you know for yourself that you’re not a celebrity who does not need tricks to boost your following, then work hard to take the lead.


  • Ensure a robust follow scheme. This means that you need to follow people who are germane to your interests or brand. Moreover, you need to engage with them so that you have more chances of being followed back. Take in mind that slow and consistent generally beats the race.


The most excellent method to find those people is by lists or by searching. Once you uncovered a number of people to follow, go over their lists and follow those people, you may also follow the people who directly follow them.


  • Engagement is also a very effective strategy to obtain more Twitter likes. You can begin by seeking out other bloggers, interact with them, converse with them through responding to queries and tweeting their contents or posts. This may be a slow and consistent approach; however, if you keep engaging, the likelihood of getting more likes and followers is quite high.


It is going to be tough if all you do is tweet and no engagement with people. People can be more loyal and devoted to you if you reach out to them.


  • Another technique for you to consider is to link your Twitter profile to your forum signature, website, email signature, blog or on your autobiography on guest posts. It is highly advised to make it easy for people to look for you and follow you. In so doing, you’ll acquire the desired number of likes and followers you’re aiming for.

Consider the aforementioned guides to help you boost your likes and followers in your social media profile.

4 ways that your brand can get the right exposure with twitter likes

Every business with a twitter account is hoping to bag followers, increase engagement and create new leads to their business. However, with the heavy traffic experienced on twitter success comes at a price which entails taking some time off to plan and strategize on how to stage a successful twitter campaign.

With all the other engagement tools factored in, twitter likes take the bigger portion in determining how viewers think of you. This means for your account to get noticed you need a sizeable number of likes.

Here are some tactics that have been tested and proven effective in increasing the number of likes.


Let your followers experience the real you

This is a common pothole that twitter users even brand marketers fail to notice and end up falling into. The urge of imitating what other successful twitter users are doing can be hard to resist. Here is the point though! Users want to see your personality in your tweets.

It may sound simple and unprofessional, but the best social media marketers have confirmed that integrating personality in their tweets earns them more likes and a loyal following.


Talk to people

Engaging with followers is among the most effective methods of getting noticed on social media. You only need to check your stream and start a conversation about a topic that someone else is talking about which you know will interest your followers.

Doing a bit of listening to what people are saying will also help you pick on trendy topics that will make your account noticed. Though it’s impossible to have a conversation with each of your followers personally, however, make an effort to show appreciation from time to time especially to new people. This works best in maintaining loyalty.


Include trending topics

You have obviously heard about including trending topics in your social media campaign but how are you implementing this strategy. People pop into twitter from time to time checking on what is happening around the globe that is worth their attention. Tapping onto trending topics avails you a good opportunity to get more likes and increase your brand popularity.

And the best part is you don’t have to do much to find the trending topics. You only need to click on the left side of your profile. You’ll find all the current trending topics and discussions at that particular moment.

Visual content use

This is another tactic you can take advantage of and earn more likes and followers. People are easily attracted to visual images than words. So, to leverage on this, customize your visuals to fit your target audience preferences. If you sell sportswear, let your visuals speak volumes about your brand.

Many brands are embracing this new marketing trend. For your account to pop up from the rest, ensure that your visuals are outstanding and don’t have a match.

Try these tips, and you’ll see your twitter likes swell up and engagement increase within a short time.