Tips to Help you Start and Run your Reseller Hosting Side Hustle Business


Reseller hosting is among the most straightforward businesses that anyone with small capital can venture in and make a substantial profit while avoiding all the risks that new or existing businesses face today.

We’ll walk you through the various steps you need to go through to start and run your business, but first, you need to understand what reseller hosting really entails.

Understanding reseller hosting

Reseller panel is a form of web hosting in which the person who owns the account hosts other third parties website in his allotted bandwidth and hard drive space. The person owning the account here becomes the reseller who is hosting other sites using disk space that he bought from the parent web hosting firm and operates independently apart from when technical, upgrade and maintenance services are required.

Reseller hosting can be likened to a person renting a big apartment with many rooms where you rent them out to tenants who will pay you rent and later on you’ll pay the owner of the apartment the agreed amount.

The various features that you can offer as a reseller include; disk space, databases, FTP accounts, email account/lists and bandwidth additionally, your clients can also benefit from services provided by the parent firm such as monitoring tools and additional scripts.

One advantage with the business is that you don’t have to operate under the umbrella of the parent web hosting business. As a reseller, you can brand your web hosting firm, and your clients will never get to know that you are a reseller. All this can be done using a tool called panel for reseller which will enable you to configure different plans according to your needs as well as manage your client’s plans and billing system.


How do you get started?

Now that you have a clue on what reseller hosting is, we can discuss how to get your business up and going.

The next vital step is finding a credible parent web hosting company that sells disk space and bandwidth. This shouldn’t worry you as there are a bunch of them that you can easily find by just conducting a simple online such.

After purchasing the reseller plan the web hosting firm will send you through an email all the necessary details that you require including the link redirecting to your web host manager or reseller control panel, your username and password.

Now you are all set, and you can log into your WHM account and subdivide your disc space into packages for reselling to your clients. With the web host manager tool (WHM) you can create and manage your clients’ website accounts and provide customer support as well.

That’s almost about all the basics that you need to know to start and run your reseller hosting business. The prospects are mouthwatering in this business since you can start with a small capital and no special training is required to operate and succeed.

How to make money hosting a Reseller Panel

The rise websites has made it possible for those wanting to enter into the Reseller Panel business to do so.   On every given day, there are people looking for an individual or company to help the set up their business.  This is a business opportunity that should never be allowed to die that way.  You do not have to be rich or have a lot of money to be able to enjoy the great benefits that setting a business platform like this will give you.  The most important thing is in knowing where to start and how to do so.  You can never go wrong.

As a priority you need to firstly and among other things understand how the business works.  By knowing what is expected of you and available options in the market.  There are a number of options that you need to study and understand before starting to operate.  It will save you from future litigations from customers who for one reason or another are not satisfied or feel shortchanged.  There is nothing as relieving as being able to fully understand the concept of any business, and what to expect in case things do not go your way as expected.

The Reseller Panel business as discussed earlier can start small and increase with time as customers increase and there is more need to do so.  It is a very lucrative business venture as once set up; you are sure of being able to fully take charge and earn an income.  The digital era is here to stay and will not go out of business soon.  In fact the only thing that is happening is that it is getting better. Why then not invest when you are sure of having your returns back.  It is one business where you will realise that there I absolutely no professionalism required.

Many people have been shying off from starting a business for the reason that they are not trained in the area.  Most hosting companies will train you on what to do upon registration and purchase.  The donkey work namely server control and management of any is normally done by the hosting company.  Jobs like setting up, maintenance, software updates and security is all taken care of by the host company therefore making it easier for you to manage your customers.  You might wonder how one is able to make money out of such a venture. 

Lastly, never underrate the financial benefits that come with Reseller Panel business.  You might start small and remember overtime these customers will be able to open ways for a larger custom base.  And such customers if they are satisfied will be able to stay and bring others with them and this in essence is how money flows and you begin reaping the financial gain.  You also need to note that when applying for the services, choose a service that is easier to use and can be easily upgraded. Start small allows you understand your business and grow with it.  The fact that all the maintenance work is done in one place, makes in even an easier venture.